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Open Letter to His Excellency, the President, of the Senate A Case for Expulsion of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation from Nigeria for threatening the Food Security of the People of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Association of Catholic Medical Practitioners of Nigeria,
Owerri, Imo State Branch.


His Excellency,
Distinguished Senator David Mark,
President of the Senate of Federal Republic of Nigeria, National Assembly, Three Arms Area, Abuja.

Your Excellency,

Open Letter to His Excellency, the President, of the Senate A Case for Expulsion of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation from Nigeria for threatening the Food Security of the People of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced a grant of $8.3 million to the Donald Danforth
Plant Science Center to support the second phase of its BioCassava Plus project, which aims to increase the nutritional value of cassava for Kenya and Nigeria (see attached). Both of these projects use a range of crop breeding techniques, including transgenic approaches, sometimes referred to as genetic modification, or more commonly called GMOs. The claim by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was that, they funded a work by the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center titled “Transgenic Biofortification of the Starchy Staple Cassava (Manihot esculenta) Generates a Novel Sink for Protein:” The authors of this paper that suggests that, cassava, a starchy tuber crop, which is a major food source in much of the developing world, could one day be turned into a food staple “capable of supplying inexpensive, plant-based proteins for food, feed and industrial applications” have retracted it (see attached), following an institutional investigation that failed to find critical supporting data. Following the publication of this article, the authors have been unable to confirm the presence of the zeolin gene within the transgenic cassava plants in several subsequent studies.

This raises concerns about the validity of the results reported in the article. Additionally, the Committee on Research Integrity at Donald Danforth Plant Science Center has carried out an institutional investigation which revealed that, significant amounts of data and supporting documentation that were claimed to be produced by the first author could not be found.

In effect, the much touted benefits by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that justified the
BioCassava Plus Project Nigeria is a scientific hoax! Rather, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
aimed at substituting our natural cassava with GMOs cassava made by their company (Bill Gates owns at least over 500,000 shares) Monsanto of St Louis MO, USA, which will create dependency on this transgenic variant of Bill Gates cassava.

NOTE: US Department of Agriculture report confirms the poor yield performance of GM crops, saying, “GE crops available for commercial use do not increase the yield potential of a variety. In fact, yield may even decrease.” In 2008, the United Nations International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) also concluded that GM technology is not likely to contribute significantly to increasing yield potential in the future.

One of Africa’s leading specialists in plant genetics at the University of Ouagadougou, Prof Jean
Albert Zongo has warned African leaders that, the distribution of the GMOs is creating dispersion of its genes into nature that reduced the biodiversity. The GMOs will mix with local varieties and change their natural structure. He maintained that, the evolution of any plant lies in the diversity of its species and when these varieties are lost it becomes impossible for that plant to evolve. Similar remarks have been echoed by leading European plant geneticists who recruited Prince Charles of the United Kingdom to head the fight of Western Europeans against GMOs. However, without any enabling laws on genetic food biosafety testing in Nigeria, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through some local actors like the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Nigerian National Root Crop Research Institute, BioCassava Plus Nigeria, and international actors like Rockefeller Foundation, Cargill, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), Syngenta, Bayer, and Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunization (GAVI), have continued to unlawfully introduce the Bill Gates transgenic variants of cassava, rice, maize, yam, and sorghum to displace the natural food crops in Nigeria and across Africa.

Food security is at the heart of national security and life of the nation. These actions of the Bill and
Melinda Gates Foundation threaten the food security of over 240 million Africans. Catholic Health Professionals at the recently concluded Catholic Health Summit in Abuja 23rd – 25th October, 2013, analyzed these actions by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and all the professionals were alarmed because of the long-term implications, that the food security of 160 million Nigerians would depend on only one man Bill Gates. Bill Gates could at will switch off the growth gene of all the GMOs in our staple crops, or could choose to target them with plant disease causing mass hunger, pestilence and death. Such a genocide was demonstrated in the devastating famine in East Africa, where the GMOs had their first test runs earlier this year!

The question now arises, what does Bill Gates want? The faltering Western economies are seeking to
transform from electronic technology to the ‘human industry’ using embryonic stem cell research. Economic forecasters say that, embryonic stem cell research if successful, has a potential of raising a $30 Trillion US Dollar market, one-third of World economy. Africans are regarded by the Biotech companies as the ‘guinea-pigs’ for the embryonic stem cell industry, hence hold the key to this ‘Western progress’. This ‘human industry’ will make and sell human organs parts made from embryonic stem cell research. However, to perfect the key procedure called the Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) that will yield the organ, the industry will need about 100 million ovarian eggs per annum from at least 10 million African women, to make human embryos of Africans to be killed
in these experiments in Western laboratories, in the next five years. The 10 million donor African women will die after two to three years from complications of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (kidney failure, liver failure, cancers, infections etc). The latter, is why egg donation for experimental purposes is banned by law in the entire Western Countries. Such laws like the National Health Bill 2012 (Section 51-58), Genetically Modified Organisms and Biosafety Bill (Sections 17-20) were engineered to facilitate human embryo trafficking in Nigeria.

African leaders clouded by naivety and lack of knowledge of the Western Deception led by Bill Gates and his affiliates, would through self-imposed laws cause self inflicted mass extinction of their own people!
We had pointed out earlier that, there is a potential conflict of interest by the so-called Philanthropists in the Billionaire members of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who support abortion and fertility issues and also own 90% of the embryonic stem cell industry that use these tissues for research. Using the current approaches, Bill Gates aims in just a few years would gain the monopoly of staple food crop seeds in the whole of Africa, and hence all of Africa’s food security will be vested in his companies. It is easy to imagine ‘an ovarian egg for food program’ for Nigerians to eat their daily bread. Mounting evidence suggests that, Bill Gates through some politicians is fast gaining a party political setup in Nigeria, threatening the existing democratic dispensation. It would soon be impossible to dismantle the present undertakings by Bill Gates, hence we are surrendering the sovereignty and food security of the People of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to him. Therefore,
this is a matter of National Security Urgency, and must be treated with dispatch.
I am writing to you on-behalf of all the Prolife Organizations who work very closely within the Global Prolife Alliance (GPA) including the ACMPN, because of your well known patriotic stance before the leaders of Europe on issues of Same-Sex Marriage, that won you the hearts of many Nigerians. We hope you will take this initiative to call for a thorough Public Senate Investigation on the issues related to GMOs and the role of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Nigeria. We hope that this will be followed by a Senate recommendation to expel the foundation and all other international organizations that have aided and abated this illegal process. For the meantime, a moratorium should be placed on distribution of all GMOs through all sources throughout Nigeria!

We thank you in anticipation.
Yours sincerely,

Academician Prince Dr Philip C. Njemanze MD
Association of Catholic Medical Practitioners of Nigeria, Owerri, Imo State.
Chairman, Global Prolife Alliance, (GPA).
Copies: Heads of States, World Parliaments, Religious Bodies, International Agencies & International

Sunday, September 15, 2013


ha ji ama Press


Bill Gates’ Occult Empire in Imo State, Nigeria

The ỌHA JI AMA press as an investigative team based in Wichita, Kansa, has obtained insight into the Occultist ruling class in Imo State, Nigeria working with others around Nigeria and in the USA. The main plan is a systematic genocide of the Imo people through imposition of laws that legalize their activities. A lot has been said about the abortion laws in Imo State sponsored by Bill Gates and USAID, usually addressed superficially as veils to cover their real intentions. However, in the occult world every symbol, time and name conveys a message. So that, Satan would say I told you so, but you did not listen. Our silence is a sign of acceptance of the Satanic proposal.

What is the real Satanic Plan?

In 2007, a Satanic administration came into power in Imo State under the then Governor Achike Udenwa, who passed abortion into law in the Imo State Gender and Equal Opportunity Law No. 7 in 2007, on 25th May 2007. This law was signed by Speaker K.K. Nwagwu and witnessed by the Clerk of the House Emmanuel Ngozi Ibekwe.

The Aim of the Occult Group financed by Bill Gates from here in the United States is to destroy Igbo People in the Igbo Heartland.   What is bad in the Udenwa Imo State Law No. 7?
1.      Abortion was made legal in Imo State, Section 18(e) with recommendation of the medical expert.
2.      Same-Sex Marriage, ‘...everyone is free to choose a spouse’ in Imo State, Section 17(ii)
3.      Ban of the use of the Holy Bible in schools, and all books that promote stereotypes of women, in Imo State, Section 10(b).
4.      Elimination of all Catholic Convents and Seminaries. The Church must accept Female Priests and Male Nuns in Imo State, Section 10.
5.      Abolishes all Igbo traditional institutions including male only Eze-ship in Imo State.
6.      Allows divorcee women to become priests in the Holy Catholic Church, Section 14.
7.      Abolishes fees in private and public hospitals for pregnant women, so as to divert them all to the government hospitals concessioned out to human organ traffickers, human ovarian egg traffickers and abortionists.
8.      Legalizes contraception and Human Egg trafficking, Section 18 (a-b).
9.      Mandates prison sentences of at least 2 years for Reverend Fathers and Pastors who preach against abortion and sexual immorality, which it considers as verbal abuse (violence) of women who abort or prostitute.  
10.  Mandates prison sentence for fathers and mothers, who show preference for the male children in inheritance of the homes and other landed properties.
Five years later, the administration of Governor Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha passed abortion   into law in the Imo State Violence Against Persons’ (Prohibition) Law No. 12 in 2012, on 29th May 2013. The Speaker is Rt. Hon. Chief Ben Uwajumogu. The clerk is Barr Christopher O. Duru. It is the twelfth law of the twelfth year of the New Millennium to complete the takeover by Satan of Imo State.
Both Achike Udenwa and Owelle Rochas Okorocha are leaders of the newly formed Party called the APC.

The Party had insisted and gone to court against INEC to maintain the acronym APC, Why? Because it is the acronym in the Satanic World – Abortion Party Congress of Nigeria. The Party Logo of the wrist of the right hand and broom in Igbo pictographic language objects: azịza, nkwek aka nri for the subject expression ‘azị a zaa, a na-ekwek ka a narịa’ meaning ‘if the children are killed, there is agreement for the rulers to come back to power!’. The party nomination tickets are only given to pro-abortionists like in the democratic party in the USA. The two principal persons in Imo State for APC are Udenwa and Okorocha, were those that passed the abortion laws, confirming the APC logo meaning ‘to kill children’ in Igbo language. The APC Logo Colors: Red stands for violence, Green for Life, White for Peace, Blue for Nature. Thus the logo reads: Violence against Life, Peace and Nature.   Note that the Logo is identical with that of Bill Gates’ Microsoft Windows, except for the color Yellow which stands for God and Church. The reason is that the APC is not yet strong in Nigeria to take on the Church in Nigeria. The aim of Bill Gates in sponsoring APC is to create a political organ alternative to PDP and other parties that is well sponsored to grab power in Nigeria and control the entire system. The PDP crisis is remotely instigated from Bill Gates’ Office in the USA. The APC puppets governors are serving a Satanic Master with an African Genocide Agenda they do not even know! Bill Gates is finding it difficult to show his face now. He is now supporting the Carter Foundation to channel funding to Imo State, and engage in secret negotiations with Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha on the Bill Gates’ occult agenda.


 The Bill Gates’ Microsoft Colors (Left) were given to APC (left Middle) to conform with the occult color-coding Red for Violence against Green – Life, White – Peace, Blue – Nature. Governor Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha and Former President Jimmy Carter (right middle) in Atlanta, USA, to seal the Deal on the Imo Abortion Law, 2012. Bill Gates funds the Carter Foundation as a front for the Imo Abortion Deal. Bill Gates now operates through other faces, for example he has given $500 million US dollars towards depopulation of Nigeria through Former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown (extreme right). 

Occultism and the Genocidal Abortion Laws in Imo State

In Imo Law No. 7, of 2007, there was the expression the Satanic power by Achike Udenwa  A chịa ike meaning ‘rule by force (on the unborn)’ that began the groaning of the children, Igbo language – ude nwa meaning ‘groaning of the child’ because of the Imo law No. 7, that mandated abortion. The Imo law No.7  was passed by the head of the House of Assembly Rt. Hon. K.K. Nwagu, ku klux klan,   nwa Agwu isi meaning ‘the child of the evil deity’. The law was witnessed by the person who shows it for others to just agree, Ngozi Ibekwe,  na-egosi ibe e kwee meaning ‘shows the assembly members to agree’.

After a five year period – af ise, of pains of the conflict ‘ụfụ ese’ meaning ‘pains of the conflict, the circle was complete. 
In Imo law No. 12 of 2012, the Satanic power became absolute in the month of May of the Holy (Unborn) Saints, by Gov. Okorocha Owelle Rochas Anayo, Okoro chụ,  Owe e le e ro chụ ana y meaning ‘the young man that murders or the abortionist who thinks of murder in the land of the Shrine’. He has begun the final process of killing of the Holy ones of (Israel) ị zara eli – ‘you answered God’.  The law was passed by a lie for which the House Speaker Rt. Hon. Ben Uwajumogu was held accountable, ụwa e jim ogu  - ‘lies for which I am held accountable by the innocent (souls)’. The entire people in Imo State sat back to watch as the Clerk Barr Christopher O. Duru, - e duu uru meaning ‘seating in sorrow’. Imo State has become a state of mockery, in Igbo language – Emo.

 What is wrong about the Rochas Abortion Law No. 12, 2012?

1.      Section 40 (g) legalizes all forms of contraception including forced sterilization because it mandates and includes ‘services in family planning’.

2.      Section 40 (h) legalizes ovarian human egg trafficking ...she shall have the right to determine the processes concerning reproduction in her body’.

3.      Section 40 (i) allows abortions under all conditions including aborting the child a day to delivery ...where the continued pregnancy endangers the life or the physical, mental, psychological or emotional health of the mother.

4.      Section on Interpretation

“domestic relationship” means a relationship between any person and a perpetrator of violence constituted in any of the following ways

(i)                 They were married to each other, including marriage according to any law, custom or religion;

There is no definition of ‘marriage’ so any domestic relationship in the nature of marriage is marriage including Same-Sex marriage!

5.      “Economic abuse” by including ‘succession rights’ would mean that if the first girl in the family of an Eze (King) is jumped in the line of succession according to Igbo customs and tradition, the Eze and the village King-makers would go to jail for four years (see Section 22 (1)). The aim is to crown women as Ezes in Igbo land which would result in rejection by our people and a total breakdown of our traditional governance.  

6.      “Harmful traditional practices” by including ‘succession rights’ in the family, Rochas Law No. 12  holds all Imo families to ransom for designating their male-child as the one to inherent their homes or landed property. This would create unprecedented chaos and collapse of our society. Applying Section 22(1) would mean that a person who refuses a woman to succeed her father, is committing ‘harmful traditional practice’ liable to four year imprisonment!   
7.      “Emotional, verbal and psychological abuse” means a pattern of degrading or humiliating conduct towards any person, including repeated insults, ridicule or name calling; repeated threats to cause emotional pain; or the repeated exhibition of obsessive possessiveness, which is of such nature as to constitute a serious invasion of such person’s   privacy, liberty, integrity or security,... 
This means that a Pastor or Priest preaching against abortion has committed a verbal and psychological abuse against a woman. He is liable to four years imprisonment. 


11      The Imo State Gate System, the gates are designed to create one major prison in Imo State, not to keep crime out but to lock in the people in their own land and placed under siege.
22      The Imo IGR numbering system will tag every Imo Citizen with a computer number described as the Satanic ‘666’ for extortion, invasion of privacy and monitoring of movements.
33      Imo General Hospital System concession to abortionists and human organ traffickers.
44      Takeover of Imo Judiciary by appointment of 14 new judges that will take over the Imo High Court System to execute their program.
55      Demolitions of homes and dispossession of people to squeeze them and make them submit to slavery in their own land.